Cemetery Requirements

A large part of your decision making process when purchasing a memorial for your family could be in the cemetery rules and regulations. Each cemetery has a cost associated for the foundation of your monument and specific requirements for types of monuments. Some places require bronze, only flat markers, base restricitions, height restrictions and we have listed the many cemeteries we service in our resources section of our website. We also have cemetery information on hand to answer these questions and help make your decision easier.

The foundation has either concrete or stone base in which the memorial is placed. This can vary by cemetery but most cemeteries have a concrete foundation. This keeps the monument level and secure at the cemetery. All foundation costs are collected by us and sent to the cemetery. We then send the foundation money and a design proof to get approved. This process allows our customers to have a one-stop shop.

For Catholic cemeteries in particular, there is a rule book that we are to abide by. At Midwest, we are a certified dealer and can help figure out any costs associated with the Catholic monuments. If your family is located at a catholic cemetery we can help with any questions you may have.