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Granite Colors

Disclaimer: These colors are not exact and may vary.

Pictured below is a small selection of the granite colors we offer. Midwest Everlasting Memorials offers only high quality granite. We have multiple colors in-stock so you can see how they look in person. All the granite we offer is quality granite and we offer lifetime warranty to all customers.

The color of your memorial varies on preference or previously family markers at the cemetery. We match previous monument stones at the cemetery as close as possible but the color can vary slightly depending how old the stone is and what the quarry looks like now. Additional colors are available here.


India Red


Georgia Gray


Morning Rose




Jet Black


Dakota Mahogany

Engraving Colors 


Pictured to the left, you will see the engraving colors we have available.

Starting at the top of the "Smith Example" the colors are:

 - Gold

 - White

 - Natural Engraving 

 - The box area then shows how we can leave sections unpolished. This is a great way to focus on different areas of the monument. See more examples of this in our gallery page.   

Photo Courtesy of Tecstone Granite

Engraving Font Effects

To the left, you can see the different ways we sandblast our memorials. Depending on the color of the stone or customer preference, we can suggest the best engraving for your memorial.

The v-sunk lettering is widely used in our manufacturing facility. This is a deep lettering that we can either fill with a color or leave natural. 

We use the frosted outline a lot on darker colors so that the names & dates show up. 

Skin Sunk is widely used on black memorials. 

Our design specialist can further assist you in deciding which lettering best suits your memorial. 

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